Monday, June 1, 2009

General thoughts

1. This abortion doctor death is screwy. If these folks would put there energy into productive means they could achieve more. I remember the poster in elementary education room "I might not agree in what you believe, but I will fight to the death for your right to express it".

2. General Motors shows their is no safe stock, no blue chip buy and hold. Evolve or else.

3. I've taken to looking at IBD newspaper graphs a little different. On page B1 of the Monday June 1, 2009 I am impressed with stocks number 4 and number 2 as evidenced by quick scans of the volume patterns. They were nothing and now are huge. We will see how this turns out, I own one of them and am watching the other.

4. Overseas indices are off the hook this am! MOMO is higher! Nobody is selling any longer. For the week ahead I am only watching earnings on SNDA 6/3. My yahoo economic calendar is much longer than normal, we shall see.

5. Click on post title (I think) for interesting link to trader site. Periodic updates and neat rules for uptrend observation. I've been following the new high new low list for a while in IBD and it has been a while since lows were greater than highs.

6. EBAY is tough to use and they continue to make it tougher, also I've heard of unhappy bulk sellers. I think it could go the way of AOL and be nearly useless. AOL always tried to rip me off at cancellation time, such crooked practices can't be sustainable.

Good luck!

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