Thursday, June 9, 2016

Novavax 2016 Annual Shareholder meeting

No great words of wisdom to be spilled here, I think I will keep things brief.  I have followed this company since losing money back in bird flu days- caveat emptor.

First meeting:
2nd meeting:

One can also do a search top left of this blog using phrase "NVAX" to see my history...

Okay, here it goes.

Stan showed slide where RSV adult showed stage 3 complete...

The parking lot was full, they really do put people to work.  499 as of this am, 500th soon.  They have hired "half of Medimmune".  They have picked and chosen amongst the local area and are now looking outside the region for new hires.  They look for those with a Can Do attitude.

The end of phase 2 meeting was November 3rd 2015, THEY WERE READY TO VACCINATE 4 days later, or something like that, just amazing claim.

Gates foundation recognizes that it takes 20 years for things to trickle down to poorer countries and are involved to speed that up.  I think Erck mentioned  they had just recently had their first face to face meeting with the foundation.

Product to be  launched out of Firstfield road where Stage 3 trial was made.

Scaleability made easier by GE Xcellerex reactors:  As they grow batch size, each larger reactor is just a larger scale version of the smaller ones, making things like oxygenation the same.  I like this, am glad to know it.

They contract out Fill and Finish.

Stan was questioned about partner news timing and seemed to confirm next 3-6 months (I am paraphrasing).

They have a lot of options with how they build out from here.  They seem to be considering all options, everything is being thought out in advance.  A lot is determined by who the partner is.

There seemed to be 20+ people there, most were quiet.  One guy seemed to be a scientist that was going to help them in some regard, had bought stock.  Someone from NIH (maybe retired?) was there.  High quality questions from most in attendance.  Only one shareholder looked familiar.

Thanks for the tour Mr. Hahn!

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