Saturday, June 18, 2016

Novavax History

So the photo in my last post comes from former location of Novavax (NVAX) on Lapp Road in Malvern PA.  I've been reading back on old proxy and annual reports to catch more of the story with them.  These old reports are like a history lesson as the company developed from what it was to what it is and hints at what it can be.  They used to work on products for menopause and female sex drive!  They had stuff that they developed and sold!  Little remains of the company it once was, I salute whatever got them to focus on what they are focused on. (My hat is off to you grey heads still on the board!)

The RSV product development has progressed at a good pace in comparison to a great book I read on the subject.

It is a little bit exhilarating waiting for the next moves and news in Novavax.

Wikinvest has older stuff also, neat site.

2009 Annual report: shows preclinical stuff related to RSV:

2009 Proxy materials

2010  Annual

2010 Proxy

2011 Annual

2011 Proxy  First time I see quality money investing- Black Rock 5%

2012 Annual

2012 Proxy

2013 Annual

The proxy was gibberish on this site, could not be read.

14 Annual

14 Proxy  Two big investors show up, black rock and Fidelity

15 Annual

15 Proxy  Five are listed at >5% owner.

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