Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Novavax in 1996

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In 1996 Novavax had two proposed share offerings, the first for 240K shares, the 2nd for 505K shares.  Documents explain more of the formation of several companies becoming the new independent NVAX.  There products and research had been focusing on several products:
1.  Oral and topical delivery of liposomes (the IGI products of which were being used in cosmetics).
2.  Micellar nanoparticles (MNPs)
3.  Estrasorb
4.  Non antibiotic Helicore for treatment of H Pylori
5.  Vaccine adjuvants.
6.  They received IND for 2 oral vaccine products.

Novavax suspended work on all to focus on Estrasorb and Helicore.  Marsh initially became chairman of the board, later in the year and new Chairman and CEO were brought in.

Mention is made of a lawsuit by J and J versus NVAX and IGI over a Nova skin product.

They have 36 patents.

There is some discussion about possible government price controls of pharmaceuticals.

Of note, after two P I clinical trials of the Helicore, data was insufficient to continue testing.

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