Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The corporate history of Novavax

1995 The spin-off

I first got into Novavax back in the bird flu scare days.  When I looked at the chart I could see they had been in existence for many years but I had little idea as to what that chart represented.  I did little reading of official paperwork at the time but now enjoy reading current SEC filings on companies I follow.  This is the first part of what I expect will be a long running corporate history of Novavax as gleaned from the corporate filings that I can find.  When I have slow days I will slog thru another year and summarize the info here.  As I complete another year I will go back and add links to the next year.

I do this with the following thoughts:
1.  The history of this company has little impact on the current company.
2.  I will focus on what has happened with the current leadership and board to see if they are worth keeping around.
3.  Focus on products and sales.
4.  I expect that too much attention to a lengthy history could influence me to sell out a useless company.

Novavax was incorporated in 1987.  In December 1995 IGI Labs (now still a business under the name Teligent (TLGT)) spun off Novavax as a separate company.  The new company was AMEX listed under symbol NOX.  One of the board members of IGI was Dick Cheney.  Perhaps the company was a collection of companies, Micro-Pak, Micro-Vesicular Systems, and Lipovax.  Novavax was the human vaccine component of an animal vaccine company.

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